Experiencing the Deep Swimming Pools

Nov 3rd

Deep swimming pools are no regular pool. It usually designed for a purpose, and quite often it wast set to be something serious. Because in my mind swimming pool are made for joy and fun, for recreation purpose, or if not for chill and relaxation moments. Although it also can be swam, but the swimming pools that has depth usually not settled in a backyard or in a hotel. It is not made for tourist or for kids. More likely the swimming pool that has deep variation are made for sports and practices or exercises.

World'S Largest Swimming Pool
World’S Largest Swimming Pool


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The deep swimming pools had a special condition that no ordinary people should swim there without any supervision. At least some professional trainer should assist you, because this kind of pool, well you never know, can be dangerous without any assistance. Therefore on this type of swimming pool it has a requirement to show how depth the pool are with a clear marked depths affixed to the pool walls or on the pool side. This information has got to be really clear, and everybody has to be warned before they enter the pool.


My experience on the deep swimming pools came when I was practicing to get my diving license. To be a an ocean divers you should learn all the basic on that kind of swimming pools. I never had in mind that swimming pools can be something so serious. I thought if you want to be an ocean diver than the ocean is the place where you learn it. Apparently, they have standard that beginners diver must start the lesson on the swimming pool. But you know ordinary swimming pool are to shallow and you can’t get any ocean simulation from there. But on a deep pool somehow you also get the thrill and the ocean depth kind of feeling.

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