How To Clean Dhurrie Rugs

Nov 10th

How To Clean Dhurrie Rugs – Dhurrie rugs are flat area rugs that sits flush with the floor, without long bangs so many shag rugs are made of. Since the pile is very short, collects these rugs is not so much dirt and buildup that longer hair mats, but still require occasional cleaning to lift the loose dirt and food crumbs. When cleaning the rest of the floors in your home, incorporating a summary rug cleaning routine Dhurrie area rugs in your home

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Vacuum the dhurrie rugs weekly to remove dust and crumbs. This is generally all that is required to maintain the appearance of the rug. Make sure to stay away from any limit Frenchman or weaving, that a vacuum can often tear seam over time. Scrub dried residue gently with a soft brush, then vacuum collecting lifted the remainder. Remove liquid spills and stains by blotting area with paper towels. Do not rub, as this spreads the stain. Dampen a paper towel with cold water only, and continue blotting paper on a dry paper towel does not remove the entire stain.

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Dab a drop of dishwashing liquid on an inconspicuous area of the dhurrie rugs to test for color fading. Wipe the area with a damp cloth soaked in cold water, and no discoloration occurs, repeat the process on the spot of your Dhurrie rug. Lift the rug and examine the underlying area of the floor affected by the stain. Clean the floor yourself with your regular floor cleaning routine to remove any residue.

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